(Looking for my soapbox)


Creativity is sacred. It is a holy sacrament that we all practice ritualistically throughout the day. Most reserve the creative for those who practice and procreate art. But in truth, the creative is inside all of us and manifests in ways that, when used correctly, is true to ourselves. We create emotional patterns online when we do this act of creativity, get lost in a video, search for a DIY solution, or edit pictures that are dear to us. We embed our intentions in an algorithm or database.

(Found it!)

Our Fingerprints

And, when those patterns find other like-minded pattern generators, we create something unique, a collective data fingerprint, with unknown people and groups that allows a broad trend to emerge. Special enough to be personal and representative of ourselves but wide enough to be seen by data engineers, analysts, and curiously intelligent people. This art is felt in responsive machine learning and AI but needs to be understood.

(Feet firmly planted on soapbox)

Create in the unknown

In today’s artistry, we need to make room for this information. This knowledge deployment is creativities newest method of manifestation. It is a pathway to the viewer, the creator, and the unknown. Opening our social landscape to unknown inspirations and our businesses to consumers searching for specific solutions. And, when untampered by human bias, the results can be ground-shaking.

(Almost done, promise🤪)

Stand in the middle

And yet, we as humans are behind. We lag in the wake of creative invention and weaponize it to gain short gains rather than significant cultural wins. I used to fight for the process to be seen and heard. But the battle proved futile because decision-makers continued to manipulate the results. So, now, the focus is on the creator. The artist. The dreamer. And my message is simple. Lean into your patterns, dream designs into  trends, keep your creation sacred, and put the human back in the middle of the databases. Manifest your voice.