Working with FedEx Global Air Operations, I lead a team consisting of FedEx team members, contractors, and Gamma Blast staff to create a groundbreaking eLearning aviation series focusing on standardization around 20 topics. Over 12 months, I developed a training program targeted at training non-industry workers on scripting, camera basics, and editorial. Also, utilizing a formulaic custom strategy for data-driven content, I built a rinse and repeat foundation for what is now known as the Content Matrix and used globally within FedEx’s 5500 pilots. We used the content matrix for scripting over 1000 pages of content from this training, filmed over 100TBs of footage, and created hundreds of 3D assets. Also, the “secret sauce” in the matrix can produce results from empirical insights pulled from a unique set of data tools. These tools make roughly half a million lines of data every four months and empower answers from the pilots to better shape FedEx’s training department. 


  • Producer, Co-Writer & Co-Director: Barrett Leigh
  • Media Style: eLearning, Training 
  • Project: FedEx Flight Operations & Training
  • Company: FedEx